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All of my life I have feared the dentist. In my head it was an AWEFUL experience may it be from my past dental visits or the out of pocket costs that piled up after visiting one. Every time I would enter a dental office I was overwhelmed with anxiety, a hot rush of emotions over took me. So after a decade of terrible experiences that I had to force myself to go through as an adult, I had given up. My teeth were terrible and I didn’t care – I was embarrassed but it was better than going to the dentist. I had actually gone to a denture office to have one pulled and asked if I could have them all pulled out. His answer was no, I was far too young and my teeth were not that bad.

I had a great friend that kept pushing me to call Dr. Foss at Hillside Dental. I kept resisting but finally made the call. It was such a hard call to make but the person on the other end of the line answered all of my questions and I could hear the smile on her face in her voice. So I had an appointment all set up. They even took the time to send me a Care Credit Application in the mail before I arrived. My other biggest fear again was the out of pocket cost. So before my first appointment I was qualified for a no interest loan for 12 months, I could afford to go to the dentist!!

My first impression when I walked in the door was wow, everyone is so helpful and friendly here, my anxiety is starting to settle down. After x-rays and my consult, Dr. Foss suggested an option I had only heard about on T.V. Sedation Dentistry. After he carefully went over the procedures I would need done, he talked about my options. I felt so comfortable there that I really considered all of them. However sedation just seemed like the perfect option for me considering the amount of work that I needed done and the amount of time it would take. After choosing this option Dr. Foss scheduled another consultation to go over everything that has to do with the sedation procedure, he asked a lot of question to make sure this was the right fit for me and made sure I was healthy enough as well. After that consult I left feeling excited, a bit nervous, but couldn’t wait to have all of my dental work done in just one day!

The day was approaching fast and I had another lovely call from Hillside Dental. She just wanted to make sure that all of my questions were answered and went over my instructions for my morning visit. I took my medications according to the written schedule I was given and I was off to the dentist office. I arrived feeling very relaxed, not drugged just relaxed. I was kindly escorted to the chair and sat down talked with Dr. Foss and his lovely assistant. I was then given some other medications. They waited until I was completely relaxed before they started anything. I can’t say that I remember much besides them asking me if I was comfortable or asking if I would like any water. As I was leaving I felt so happy that I didn’t feel a thing and it was over so fast. When I came back to reality I ran to mirror and was almost in tears, they had fixed my horrible teeth in just a few short hours, I had no pain or no memory of it all. It was amazing!! For anyone even considering Sedation Dentistry it is one of the best decisions I have made, I no longer am afraid of the Dentist!

I can not say enough how wonderful the staff is at Hillside Dental!! Lenita was amazing at making sure she could answer any questions about finance or billing. Sherry and Robin were always a pleasure to see when walking through the door. There were many other wonderful people that I met while I visited Hillside Dental. But I would have to say that Dr. Foss was truly a wonderful dentist, he made me change the way I thought about dentists. He wanted me to be comfortable, he wanted me to be informed and he wanted me to make the choices that were right for me! Thank you Dr. Foss.

Hillside Dental changed my AWEFUL experience with dentists to an AWESOME experience with dentists! And my smile never looked better saying it!

by Heather Heidt


A horrible dental experience at another practice turned me into a dental coward and I stopped going to any dentist for over a decade. My sister finally convinced me to make an appointment as she and her family (kids ages 2-9) also see Dr. Foss at Hillside Dental. Dr Foss and the staff at Hillside Dental are outstanding! They always make me feel relaxed and comfortable while conducting themselves in a professional, friendly and efficient manner. In the past two years, I’ve had cleanings, x-rays, fillings and whitening – every process is simple and pain-free. I highly recommend Dr. Foss and Hillside Dental for the best dental experience ever… you’ll come in for a cleaning and leave with a smile!

by Molly B.


I suffered from a lifelong fear of dentists and never went unless something was wrong. I actually once picked a dentist out of the phone book because their ad said "We Cater To Cowards!". Yea, that bad. Finally I had to face the music after I moved to Ripon and everyone (and I mean everyone!) said I needed to go here. Dr. Eiler has been incredibly patient and his staff has been so good about keeping me calm and in the chair. He and his staff had to remind me to unclench my hands more times than I can count! They were constantly aware of my fears and walked me thru the procedures with infinite patience. When I started here I was so afraid of dentists that I would spend days before the appointment worrying about it. Now, I have to be reminded that I have an appointment because I don't even give it a 2nd thought. I can't say enough wonderful things about everyone there!

by Kathy LeMahieu Roeder


Not many people can say they look forward to going to the dentist – but I can. Hillside Dental greets you with professionalism and a caring atmosphere. Each staff member is knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you Hillside for making our family feel great about going to the dentist.

by Loni M.

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